Climate & Travel

Climate & Travel

Climate change has been a hot topic for some years. If you'd like to understand a little more about how climate change relates to travel, please read on...

A bit of background...

The main greenhouse gas is carbon dioxide (CO2) and in terms of your holiday, this is mainly generated by the transport to your destination - such as air travel - and activities when you’re there (for example, fuel for buses or cars to get you about, the energy used in hotels or other activities such as a motor boat trip or using a jet ski).

The future...

Climate change is set to have a dramatic effect on your holiday, as well as life here in the UK. 

If snowsports are your thing, you’re going to see quite a difference over coming years, with ski fields retreating up mountains and shorter seasons with warmer winters.  If sunshine is what you’re after, there might be too much of it in the Mediterranean, which is set to be one of the holiday ‘climate hotspots’ – an area most affected by global warming. Weather patterns are likely to become harder to predict, which could cause caos in areas prone to destructive weather forces such as hurricanes.

The good news...

You can help! However you are travelling to your holiday destination, there are lots of things that you can do when you get there to help, such as travelling by public transport rather than private car once you have arrived in your destination. Visit our top tips section to find out more.

Some people also choose to 'offset' their carbon emissions by giving funds to schemes such as Reduce My Footprint, who invest in carbon reduction projects. If you choose to do this, it's important to remember to continue to look for other ways to reduce your carbon emissions, offsetting carbon is not enough on it's own.

Carbon footprint

This simply means the amount of carbon emissions we are individually responsible for – through our lives in the UK and on holiday.

You can easily work out your current annual carbon consumption on the government’s Act on Co2 website.

Carbon comparisons

It's useful to compare emissions so that you can understand more about your travel choices.

For example, a London Heathrow to Paris flight emits 0.43 tonnes of carbon, whereas the same journey by rail only emits 0.02 tonnes.

The average carbon consumption of a person in the UK is 9 tonnes per year, but we should all be looking for ways to reduce this to reduce our negative impacts on the planet.