It's really important that we preserve the natural environment and the amazing wildlife within it, so that future generations can enjoy holidays too.

Thankfully, tourism can provide the funds necessary to keep places special, for example, an entrance fee can provide income to conserve a game park or nature reserve.

Beautiful environments make great holiday destinations. Nobody wants to visit a dirty beach, or go on a safari without seeing wildlife.

Environments are affected by things such as water shortages, temperature changes, natural disasters, co2 and climate change. You can find out more about climate and travel, or learn about how your actions can make a difference on your holiday in our top tips section.

How can you help on your next holiday?

A simple way to help preserve the environment on your next holiday is to book excursions with trained guides. They will be trained and know how to preserve the natural environment and wildlife. Also, you can help to preserve natural resources, such as water, by taking short showers rather than baths.

Visit our top tips section to find out how you can help preserve the environment on your next holiday...