Hatch the turtle

Hi Kids,
I'm Hatch!

I am a Hawksbill Turtle and I live in the sea. I have lots of friends such as Charlie the Chimp, Ed the Elephant and Merv the Melipona Bee. Merv is a special type of bee and he is endangered.

You might be going on holiday to one of the places we live, and if you are, there are lots of things that you can do to help keep our homes clean and safe! You can download the puzzle book for free to learn all about us, and take it on holiday with you.

There are lots of children all around the world living in different places with different cultures. Read Araceli and Natanna's stories below...

Puzzle book

Help Hatch and friends solve all the puzzles

Download and print the Hatch and Heroes puzzle book using the links below.