Plastic Reduction in Hotels

Reducing plastic waste:

A plastics reduction project with hotels in Cyprus demonstrated that making changes to plastic use can influence customers’ perceptions of the business in a positive way. Guests perceived the hotel’s efforts to reduce plastic as a sign of their commitment to caring for the environment.

Direct cost savings can be achieved through a reduction in plastic bottles, cups, bags and packaging. Additionally, indirect cost savings can be made through reduced staff time on ordering and handling stock and clearing used disposable plastic items from bar, restaurant and pool areas.

Reducing the use of plastic and raising staff and guest awareness will significantly benefit the environment, including less litter on the beaches and in the ocean, increasing the attractiveness of the resort. Landfill sites will fill up less quickly, delaying the introduction of having to use more costly methods of disposal.

Climate change is everyone’s business

Longer term, the hotel will reduce its indirect contributions to climate change through the energy and transportation required to create and dispose of plastic.