On the day

On the day...

Have a designated meeting spot near the beach entrance which remains manned throughout the beach clean – this could be a good spot for volunteers to return their collected waste to.

Hold a briefing session for volunteers:

Make sure your volunteers have the tools they need such as gloves, rubbish bags, litter pickers (if you have them), drinking water and access to a first aid kit (and first aider).

Have clear guidelines for children – for example make it clear that they need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian during the beach cleanup.

Check whether your selected beach is part of a protected area and ensure that you and your volunteers keep to designated areas, at a distance from animals such as sea turtles and seals (especially during nesting or breeding season).

If you or your volunteers spot anything that could be hazardous (for example unexploded bombs, syringes, broken glass, animal faeces, animal carcases) keep well away and ensure the relevant people/authorities are contacted.

Advise volunteers to wash their hands at the end of the clean-up – you could even provide hand sanitiser.

Dispose of all waste collected safely, recycling where possible.


Keep us posted on the day!

Don't forget to take a camera and send us photos or video of your beach clean via email, Facebook or Twitter.