Owner Green Scheme

In 2014, created an Owner Green Scheme. The Green Scheme audit covers energy consumption, water conservation, minimising pollution, recycling, customer information, encouraging the use of public transport, supporting local culture and heritage, as well as supporting local businesses through suggested places to eat and drink. Today,  1 in 10 property owners are enrolled and to make it easier for people to find an environmentally responsible break, there’s a dedicated area and a search filter on the website for Green Scheme properties.

Wish Days invite all employees to take an annual ‘wish day’, a day of paid time dedicated to community service, helping in the local community and volunteering at charity organisations. In 2017 a group of 13 employees joined together to use their wish day to help the Yorkshire Dales National Park rangers in resurfacing and landscaping a 100 metre section of footpath. The day’s activity included preparing the path by digging out the route, laying geotextile membrane, surfacing with aggregate and finally landscaping. The skills and time provided by was valuable to the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority, allowing them to tackle more jobs that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise.